B-Roll of Pediatric Heart Transplant Patient Seth Turner

Seth Turner was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a complex and rare heart defect...

2014 09 04 Ochsner Seth Birthday

2014 09 04 Ochsner Seth Birthday

B-roll of Ochsner hospital exteriors

B-roll of Ochsner hospital exteriors.

B-roll of Ochsner hospital interiors

Ochsner hospital interiors, hallways, patient rooms, ER, check-in, Center for Primary Care...

B-roll footage including surgery, patients and helipad

B-roll footage from Ochsner including helipad, surgical procedures, conference speaking,...

B-roll of Ochsner exteriors including ground level and aerial.

B-roll footage from Ochsner including building views from ground level and aerial.

B-roll footage of Ochsner fitness and wellness; hospital aerials

B-roll footage from Ochsner including children on fitness equipment, marathon, running,...

B-roll footage of patient/nurse interaction and patient vitals

B roll footage of patient/nurse interaction; patient vitals, ER visit,  nurse assisting...

Hurricane Katrina and Ochsner Medical Center

B-roll of Ochsner during 2005's Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Ochsner clinical research footage

B-roll footage of Clinical Research, Dr. Carl Lavie and Ochsner research facilities.

Pediatric ICU and Infant care b-roll

B-roll footage of Ochsner's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit; Ochsner For Children Sign,...

B-roll of NICU, moms and babies

Ochsner Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), mothers with babies, NICU, incubators.

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