​Drs. Alton Ochsner, Lock Ochsner and John L. Ochsner, Sr.

Drs. Alton Ochsner, Lock Ochsner and John L. Ochsner, Sr. The Ochsner family has revolutionized healthcare for three generations through research and innovative surgical procedures.

Dr. Lock Ochsner and Dr. John L. Ochsner, Sr.

Dr. Lock Ochsner and Dr. John L. Ochsner, Sr. with the statue of Dr. Alton Ochsner. Three generations of the Ochsner family have served as innovators and leaders in the healthcare industry.

Dr. John L. Ochsner, Sr. as Rex, King of Carnival

Dr. John L. Ochsner, Sr. reigned as Rex, King of Carnival, in 1990. Dr. Ochsner said, “My love and support for the City of New Orleans is unsurpassed, for I truly believe that there is no better place in the world to live.”

Dr. John L. Ochsner, Sr. at Ochsner's 75th Anniversary Celebration

Dr. John L. Ochsner, Sr. commemorates Ochsner Health System’s 75th anniversary in 2017. Dr. Ochsner served as a cardiac surgeon and philanthropist for more than 57 years.

Dr. John L. Ochsner, Sr. Performing Surgery

Dr. John L. Ochsner, Sr. performed over 12,000 surgeries, including the first heart transplant in the Gulf South, during his 57 years with Ochsner.

Dr. John L. Ochsner Sr. and his Father Dr. Alton Ochsner

Dr. John L. Ochsner, Sr. and his father, Dr. Alton Ochsner. The renowned surgeons transformed the city of New Orleans and the healthcare industry through decades of research, innovation and investment in the community.

Tracey Schiro, SVP, CHRO

Tracey Schiro is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Chief Human Resources Officer for Ochsner Health System. She oversees all aspects of Human Resources (HR) for employees and physicians including talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, employee development and learning, and supports HR elements of strategic affiliations with other providers.

National Guard Assistance

August 2005: National guard discuss plans with the Chief Operating Officer, Warner Thomas.

Ochsner Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

August 2005: Ochsner set up a MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) and staged supplies for transport to the Hospital at the FEMA staging area at the intersection of Interstate 10 and Causeway Blvd.

Employees receive donations from across the country.

Ochsner received many donations from hospitals and churches around the country. Ochmart was created to assist employees who had lost items in the storm.

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