Are You at Risk for Cancer?

Cancer is among the leading causes of death worldwide. According to the National Cancer Institute, over 1.6 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in 2016 and almost 600,000 will die from it.... read more

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Top 10 Diabetic Must-Haves for Disaster Planning

In New Orleans, we are no strangers to the concept of hoping for the best while preparing for the worst during hurricane season. For diabetics, there are a few extra considerations to keep in mind. Here are 10 items to be... read more

Introducing Your Pet(s) and New Baby

Is your fur-baby ready to meet their new sibling? read more

Can You Really Freeze Your Headache Pain Away?

Natasha Smith, diagnosed in 2010 with occipital neuralgia, has suffered from debilitating headache pain almost daily for over seven years. Now, a new, nonsurgical option has left her pain-free for over eight months and has restored her life and hope. read more

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