STAR Program 10th Anniversary Class Enjoys 5-Week Exploratory Experience

The STAR Program, first launched in 2006, provides qualified high school students with a no-cost opportunity to explore the world of healthcare.  read more

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Why You May Need to Be Screened for Hepatitis C

Recent developments in the treatment of Hepatitis C give a good reason to get tested.  It is estimated that 75% of people who have Hepatitis C, have not yet been diagnosed. read more

What’s Your Protein IQ?

What if there was a single nutrient that could help us get leaner, stronger, curb cravings and increase alertness and focus? There is: protein. read more

Ochsner Patient, Singing Sensation Brings Attention to Cleft Palate Awareness & Prevention Month

Cameron’s story captured the hearts of millions of Americans when he appeared on the final season of American Idol this year; born with a cleft palate, he continues to amaze. read more

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