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Blue Cross Honors Ochsner Health Network Primary Care Doctors as Top Performers in Quality Blue Program

Patients with chronic conditions getting better health results

Blue Cross Honors Ochsner Health Network Primary Care Doctors as Top Performers in Quality Blue Program

NEW ORLEANSOchsner Health Network (OHN) primary care doctors in Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana’s Quality Blue program are getting better health results for their patients who have chronic conditions. 

Blue Cross recognized nearly 400 primary care doctors from all regions of Louisiana at its 2018 Quality Blue Statewide Learning Collaborative on Nov. 1. 

The doctors earned Top Performer awards for treating patients who have the chronic conditions targeted in Quality Blue – diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), vascular disease and chronic kidney disease.   

The following OHN primary care doctors from across Louisiana were honored as Blue Cross 2018-19 Top Performers. Doctors are listed by their clinics, with the chronic condition(s) for which they were recognized for optimal care beside their names. 

Ochsner Abita Springs  

1. Beth Evans (Hypertension, Diabetes)

2. James Fitzpatrick (Hypertension, Vascular   Care)

3. Richelle Schiro (Hypertension)

Ochsner Algiers

1. Wanda Robinson (Hypertension)

Ochsner Baptist Internal Medicine  

1. Karen Blessey (Hypertension)

2. David Brown (Hypertension)

3. Samuel Danna (Hypertension)

4. Patricia Gendusa (Hypertension)

5. Kristina Raveendran (Hypertension)

Ochsner Belle Chasse

1. Nadja Jones (Hypertension)

2. Jake Rodi (Hypertension)

Ochsner– Covington

1. Gurpal Benning (Hypertension)

2. Troy Davis (Hypertension)

3. William Ellerbe (Hypertension)

4. Kevin Plaisance (Hypertension, Kidney Disease)

5. Mary Smith (Hypertension, Diabetes, Vascular Disease)

Ochsner Family Medicine Clinic (Raceland)

1. Andre Duplantis (Hypertension, Vascular Disease)

2. Megan Hartman (Hypertension)

3. Jack Heidenreich (Hypertension)

4. Michael Marcello (Hypertension)

5. Mohammed Nawaz (Hypertension)

Ochsner Health Center (Destrehan)

1. Deanna Elsea (Hypertension, Diabetes)

2. Monica Williams (Hypertension)

Ochsner Health Center (LaPlace)

1. Colin Bailey (Hypertension, Vascular Disease)

Ochsner Health Center (St. Bernard)

1. John Thien (Hypertension)

Ochsner Health Network -- CHRISTUS Physicians Group

1. Jode Burgin (Hypertension)

2. Lori Gallaher (Hypertension)

3. Nadia Gomes (Hypertension)

4. Joanna Holton (Hypertension)

5. Susan Kemp (Hypertension)

6. Peter Milder (Hypertension)

7. Donna Wyatt (Hypertension, Diabetes)

Ochsner Health Network – Lafayette General Hospital Physicians

1. Michael Alexander (Hypertension)

2. Debra Durham (Hypertension)

3. Milton Jolivette (Hypertension)

4. Fallon McManus (Hypertension)

5. Juan Perez-Ruiz (Hypertension)

6. Cassandra Pillette (Hypertension, Diabetes)

7. Leslie Sizemore (Hypertension)

8. Angela Snow (Hypertension)

9. Michelle Taylor (Hypertension)

10. Thomas Voitier (Hypertension)

Ochsner Jefferson Place

1. Janet Cook (Hypertension)

2. Christopher Guarisco (Hypertension)

3. Karen Muratore (Hypertension, Vascular Disease)

Ochsner– Lakeview

1. Leandro Area (Hypertension)

2. Tara Berner (Hypertension, Diabetes)

3. Sarah Holt (Hypertension)

Ochsner LaPalco

1. Craig Ehrensing (Hypertension, Vascular Disease)

2. Whitney Hardy (Hypertension)

3. Oliver Mollere (Hypertension)

4. Khoa Nguyen (Hypertension)

5. Laura Nicosia (Hypertension, Diabetes, Vascular Disease)

6. Dianna Phan (Hypertension)

Ochsner– Mandeville

1. Erin Conlin (Hypertension)

2. Lauren Elder (Hypertension)

3. Daniel Jens (Hypertension)

4. Ronald Kluchin (Hypertension, Vascular Disease)

Ochsner Medical Center (Elmwood)

1. Matthew McQueen (Hypertension)

2. Joseph Miceli III (Hypertension, Kidney Disease)

Ochsner Medical Center (Kenner)

1. Mirza Baig (Hypertension)

2. Kiran Chava (Hypertension)

3. Rafael Cortes Moran (Hypertension)

4. Brandi Jones (Hypertension, Diabetes)

5. Jayesh Madrecha (Hypertension, Diabetes)

6. Mehul Sheth (Hypertension)

7. Victoria Smith (Hypertension, Diabetes)

Ochsner Medical Center (Lockport)

1. Sarah Knight (Hypertension)

Ochsner -- Metairie

1. Michael Davis (Hypertension)

2. Janine Ferrier (Hypertension)

3. Dwight Green (Hypertension)

4. Brian Helmstetter (Hypertension, Vascular Disease)

5. Richard Imsais (Hypertension)

6. Ryan Lee (Hypertension)

7. Joellen Kasparek Plunkett (Hypertension)

Ochsner -- New Orleans

1. Leslie Blake (Hypertension, Diabetes)

2. Jennifer Braaten (Hypertension)

3. James Bragg, Jr. (Hypertension, Vascular Disease)

4. Joseph Breault (Hypertension)

5. Christie Degrange (Hypertension)

6. Evan Dvorin (Hypertension, Vascular Disease)

7. Nona Epstein (Hypertension)

8. Sara Fernandez (Hypertension)

9. Steven Granier (Hypertension, Vascular Disease)

10. Robin Ivester (Hypertension)

11. Kristin Johnson (Hypertension, Vascular Disease)

12. Rebecca Jones (Hypertension)

13. Lora Langefels (Hypertension)  

14. Gloria Leary (Hypertension)

15. Jennifer May (Hypertension, Diabetes, Vascular Disease)

16. Mary McCormick (Hypertension)

17. Le Nguyen (Hypertension)

18. Lisa Richards (Hypertension)

19. James Stoll (Hypertension, Vascular Disease)

20. James Tebbe Jr. (Hypertension)

21. Mary Yu (Hypertension)

Ochsner Physician Partners

1. Robin Dale (Hypertension)

2. Chaillie Daniel (Hypertension)

3. Timothy Lindsey (Hypertension)

4. Clinton Sharp (Hypertension, Vascular Disease, Kidney Disease)

5. Shibu Varughese (Hypertension)

Ochsner Physician Partners – Slidell Memorial Hospital Family Medicine

1. Rory Duffour (Hypertension)

2. Christy Graves (Hypertension)

3. Linda McElveen (Hypertension, Diabetes)

4. Christopher Miller (Hypertension)

5. Sanjay Raina (Hypertension)

Ochsner– Slidell

1. Raymond Baez (Hypertension)

2. Amy Hammons (Hypertension)

3. Julia Havlovic (Hypertension)

4. Darrin Jackson (Hypertension)

5. James Newcomb (Hypertension)

6. Robert Taylor (Hypertension)

Ochsner– St. Charles Parish Hospital Physicians

1. Tlaloc Alferez (Hypertension)

Ochsner Health Network – St. Tammany Quality Network 

1. Charles Baier (Hypertension)

2. Libeau Berthelot (Hypertension)

3. Robert Brinkman II (Hypertension)

4. Christopher Foret (Hypertension, Diabetes)

5. Shannon Haas (Hypertension)

6. Mark James (Hypertension)

7. Glen Kesler (Hypertension)

8. Nathalie Mascherpa-Kerkow (Hypertension)

9. Ralph Millet Jr. (Hypertension)

Ochsner -- Tangipahoa

1. Michael Dunn (Hypertension)

2. Ted Hudspeth (Hypertension)

3. Gerald Sparks (Hypertension)

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About Ochsner Health Network

Anchored by Ochsner Health and comprising five of the highest quality partners with 30 hospitals across the region, the Ochsner Health Network is a leader in healthcare delivery innovation and is the largest clinically integrated network in the region. Founding partners include Ochsner Health System, St. Tammany Parish Hospital, Lafayette General Health, CHRISTUS Health Louisiana, Terrebonne General Medical Center and Slidell Memorial Hospital. For more information, please visit

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